Strangest places on Earth
with Google Maps / Google Earth

Our goal is to show you some of the most strange or weird places around the world with Google Earth and Google Maps.

You'll see singular sights, weird shaped building, beautifull lost landscape, Google Earth bugs, look like maps, giant things, messages from above and sometime we'll show up human pollution sights.

Rodsbot will offer you some formal relief unusual places on Earth.



Receive the latest strange Google Earth images every weeks.

Colored lake limit Natural forrest ? Disorder Optical entrance Archeologic way Archeologic way
Human made : Show me more !


Latest [+more]

Birds flight (Animals)

An animal (from the Latin animus, mind, or vital principle) is, the traditional ... [+more].

Soldiers (Army)

Anything that involves the military is synonymous of wars and confrontation with... [+more].

Murphy (Art)

Art (Latin Ars artis "skill, craft, technical knowledge") is a human activity, t... [+more].

3 seasons (Before / after)

The comparison is a figure of speech consisting of a formal relationship, two be... [+more].

Smurf factory (Construction)

In a building project or public works, construction is done by assembling variou... [+more].

Down (Crash)

Crash are view of accident, wreck boat or other broken things or anciant thinks.... [+more].

Crop circle (Crop circle)

A crop circle (neologism) is a pattern made in a field of grain (usually wheat) ... [+more].

Race against hologram (Error)

To err is human. Google made sometime errors on maps like building that is no... [+more].

Corrida party (Event)

What's happened just now ? Something that's was taken at the right moment on ... [+more].

Time travel plane (Ghost)

A ghost is an apparition or vision interpreted as a manifestation of the spirit ... [+more].

Flag (Giant)

Large creatures are found in many mythologies. In Indo-European mythologies, the... [+more].

Red (Human made)

You all around you an object where it is written "made in china". We just wan... [+more].

Fracture of earth (Landscape)

Etymologically, the landscape is the combination of traits, characteristics, for... [+more].

Dick raod (Look Like)

In Greek, analogia mean proportion. The term refers to a similarity between thin... [+more].

1300 (Message)

A message is a set of signs. It implies an encoding by the transmitter, and deco... [+more].

Big money (Monument)

The word "monument" from the Latin monumentum of moneo "recall"means any sculptu... [+more].

Extra zoom (People)

Google Earth may have some trouble to show us people from above, more preceise. ... [+more].

Dirty town (Pollution)

Pollution is the degradation of habitat through the introduction, usually human,... [+more].

Big foot (Record)

A record is the extreme value of an achievement, an event or a particular charac... [+more].

Question (Sign)

A sign is a mark, natural or conventional, designating someone for an object or ... [+more].

Batman (Star)

A public figure or celebrity is a widely recognized or famous person who attract... [+more].

Entering Bermuda Triangle (Transportation)

Transport is wearing something, or someone from one place to another, often usin... [+more].

Scanning UFO (UFO)

An unidentified flying object, usually referred to as the acronym UFO means an a... [+more].

Montagu Island (Volcano)

A volcano is a relief land, underwater or extraterrestrial formed by the ejectio... [+more].

Cross to plane (War)

War is an armed conflict between at least two military organized groups. It thus... [+more].