A message is a set of signs. It implies an encoding by the transmitter, and decoded by the receiver (hence the need for a common code). The information theory was developed to mathematically determine the rate of information transmitted in the communication of a message through a channel of communication, especially in the presence of parasites called noise.

Message are made by people that work during hours, days, or years to deliver an idea, in general a peace idea, to a god or the whole world with this nowday technology that's represent Google Earth / Google Maps.


Receive the latest strange Google Earth images every weeks.

V (Message)
X (Message)
T (Message)
V (Message)
R (Message)
G (Message)
2 (Message)
O (Message)
M (Message)
L (Message)
J (Message)
F (Message)
H (Message)
I (Message)
A (Message)
C (Message)