Pollution is the degradation of habitat through the introduction, usually human, or organic chemicals, genes or radiation (radioactivity, artificial light), altering more or less functioning of ecosystem. By extension, the word sometimes means the effects of geological phenomena such as rash volcanique.

Pollution of human origin can have a major impact on health and the biosphere as evidenced by exposure to pollutants and global warming transforms the Earth's climate and ecosystem, resulting in the emergence of unknown diseases previously in certain geographical areas, migration of certain species or even their extinction if they can not adapt to their new biophysical environment.

It was after the Second World War that awareness of human impacts on the environment is created, along with the birth of environmentalism and ecology. Environmental concerns led governments to take measures to reduce the ecological footprint of human populations and to counter human activities contaminating.

On Rodsbot.com, we'll try to show up pollution sights that particulary represent human waste, slightly look like the lone animal endowed with "reason".


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