An unidentified flying object, usually referred to as the acronym UFO means an aerial phenomenon that one or more witnesses said they observed without being able to identify it, or even a trace that may have been recorded by different types of sensors (camera video camera, radar, etc.). but we do not know the exact origin or nature.

UFO sightings have been made in the past, but reports of sightings have become more frequent since the 1950s.

In popular culture, the term UFO is commonly used to refer to any hypothetical alien spacecraft, flying saucer is a term regularly used. By extension, the term UFO used to describe a humorous way a character or object that appears out of nowhere and has generally no future (example: "a UFO in the political landscape").

Rodsbot, means Bot (fast like a turtle with rockets, or just a robot) and Rods that's are some kind of UFO since several years. Someones believe that's Rods are little (to big) UFO.
They may be in fact insect that plays with camera image sensors (commonly 24 images per second) that are too slow to meet all the sinusoidal flapping wings. This results in fact, of a trail strewn with wave forming Rods.

We are trying to show you with a certain lack of perspective, our extraterrestrial objects discoveries.


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